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December 2018

It’s December again and for me, it’s the best time of year.  I love Christmas.  I enjoy the food, music, decorations, and the reminder of the year past.   Christmas time also brings out the child-like wonder of our awesome world.   Most of my memories from my youth are of cold December days with evenings of lights and hot drinks.  There is one that is different.


Welcome to the redesigned website!  I have two goals for this site.  First, for clients to find relevant information about investing and easy access to their investment account portal, Investor 360.  Second, for potential clients to get a “flavor” of my philosophical view of investing and the type of advice I give clients about the markets.   

Roth IRA's

The Roth IRA is a tax friendly retirement vehicle.  The Roth IRA allows you to invest after tax money that will grow and be distributed tax free.  All distributions will be free of income tax, both your contribution and the earnings.  For younger investors, this could be a substantial savings.